Management Programs

Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh offers management programs to help resolve wildlife control problems in your business. The caring staff supplied with extensive experience is able to help with any sort of commercial wildlife control problem you may encounter. We offer the finest wildlife control programs in the industry; your technician will get the job done the right way — the first time!

Commercial Wildlife Problems

Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh has experience in removing squirrels when they get into the attic of your business, removing birds when they cause damages and messes outside your office, and controlling rat and mice populations when rodents pose serious threats for your business.

Wild animals inside businesses will create problems for you and your business that are much more extensive than damages to the structure. When you are invaded by rats or mice, your work environment will be home to many diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to you and your employees. Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh will get rid of the rodents and keep them out!

Professional Prevention Services 

Our prevention techniques will keep the wildlife animals out of your business for seasons to come. It's much easier to prevent a wildlife invasion than trying to remove the infestation. Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh will follow up on all wildlife control services with a permanent solution of prevention. If wildlife animals have found a way into your business, it is our job to get them out & keep them out!

A few methods of prevention and management programs that your technician may implement could include:

  • Vent Screening
  • Chimney Caps
  • One-Way Doors
  • And More!

For professional solutions and management programs of your wildlife control problem, call Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh! 412.767.4067. Our methods will keep your business safe from wildlife invasions and create a safe and clean environment for your workplace. Contact Us using our online form.