Pittsburgh mouse removal is essential in keeping your home sanitary and your family safe. Mice have the ability to not only endanger your health but to cause a lot of damage to your home. The majority of Greater Pittsburgh homeowners have seen mice in their homes, and mice can grow in numbers quickly so it's important to address mouse removal as soon as you can. If you are noticing mice in your attic or mice in the garage, we can help you get rid of mice and keep them out for many seasons to come. Call Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh today or contact us here!

Getting Rid of Mice in Pittsburgh

Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh is confident that we can help with mouse removal and effectively mouse-proof your home as we have done for many happy customers in the past. The most common removal method your Greater Pittsburgh technician will use to get rid of mice is live traps. Some easily implemented and helpful activities you can do yourself to mouse-proof your home include:

  • Keeping homes clean and sanitized
  • Maintaining the integrity of cracks in building foundations
  • Keeping the clutter in basements and attics to a minimum
  • Storing food in airtight mouse-proof containers
  • Getting rid of yard debris to discourage mice in yards

Mice Control in Greater Pittsburgh

Common Mice Problems 

  • Food contamination
  • They carry a lot of diseases from all the sewers and dumpsters that they move through 
  • Structural damage; this is due to how quickly their teeth grow, so they are always gnawing on things
  • Electrical fires and shortages 

Mouse Trapping & Mouse Removal

House mice aren't very good at hiding, so it's usually easy to see signs of a mouse infestation. Once the first signs of mouse activity appear, Pittsburgh property owners should contact the professionals at Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh to get rid of mice fast. Our trained technicians have the tools and extensive knowledge of house mouse behavior to quickly and safely resolve mouse infestations. We can help you get rid of mice problems. Call today!

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The house mouse is the one of the most common rodents in the world, and Pittsburgh is well-aware of mouse damage in attics, garages and other areas of the home. Call Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh today for effective mouse management!
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