Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh offers full-service wildlife control, including services such as wildlife trapping, wildlife removal, dead animal removal, emergency wildlife removal, and more. For effective Pittsburgh wildlife control in the surrounding areas of Greater Pittsburgh, including Bethel Park, Braddock, Monroeville, and more, contact our office today by giving us a call or leave us more information about your wildlife control issues here!

Professional Wildlife Control Services

Greater Pittsburgh Wildlife ControlThe professional wildlife animal control technicians at Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh are prepared to resolve any and all of your wildlife management issues! We are skilled in nuisance animal control and trapping services. If you are hearing unsettling noises in your attic or walls, smelling a horrid odor in your crawlspace, or if you discover signs of a wildlife critter ripping insulation, please call our experts today and we will remove the wildlife for you!

Your Greater Pittsburgh technician is experienced in professional wildlife trapping and removal and will begin the wildlife control process by performing several services once they arrive in your Pittsburgh home.

  • The first step in wildlife removal will be for the technician to locate any potential entry points in the home by performing a full home inspection.
  • Our wildlife technicians will humanely trap and remove the wildlife critter in the safest way possible for all involved parties.
  • When we are sure the wildlife animal has been removed from your Pittsburgh area home, our experts can start to repair and clean any wildlife damages the creatures have caused.
  • As the last step in the wildlife management process, your Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh wildlife specialist can implement prevention methods like chimney caps, vent screens, sealants, and more to the affected areas of your home in order to help discourage critters from returning.

Some common wildlife animals we receive calls about include raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats, and woodchucks. We do NOT perform domestic animal control; please call your local animal control shelter for cases involving domestic animals. If you have a wildlife intruder, call our office today to begin the wildlife removal process!

No domestic animal calls please

Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh is proud to provide service to several areas in the Greater Pittsburgh area, including Upper St. Clair, Bethel Park, Monroeville, Bridgeville, Murrysville, Carnegie, Pleasant Hills, Mount Lebanon, Brentwood, and more.