The Greater Pittsburgh area is no stranger to raccoon activity, especially at night. A common visitor in yards and trash cans, raccoons are fans of residential and commercial properties. They can cause serious damage inside and outside, including expensive structural issues and landscape damage. We will remove raccoons from your property and install raccoon prevention methods to keep these notorious nocturnal critters out for good. Call Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh today for help with raccoon removal and raccoon control! 412.767.4067

Pittsburgh Raccoon Removal

Big Raccoon at Water's Edge in Pittsburgh YardRaccoons are clever and persistent creatures, and it's often hard to get them off your property for good. Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh has a group of experienced technicians that will take care of your raccoon issues.

We believe that equally as important as raccoon removal is raccoon prevention, and we are able to perform both of these services. Keeping the crafty wildlife critters out will often require both.

Common Raccoon Problems

Raccoons can be responsible for a variety of problems for Greater Pittsburgh homeowners, including:

  • Home Damage
    • Chances are that raccoons are responsible for the majority of roof damage. Raccoons will climb onto your roof in search of an ideal nesting area (often your attic). They've even been known to tear shingles off in search of the perfect nest.
  • Insulation Damage
    • The main purpose of insulation for raccoons is nesting material; after all, insulation is soft and excellent at retaining heat. Unfortunately for your attic, damaged insulation can lead to ineffective insulation, which also means a hit to your wallet.
  • Stains
    • Wherever raccoons choose to make their nest in your home, you can be sure there is a pile of waste nearby. Raccoons prefer to separate the living and latrine area, so one area will have an exceptional amount of raccoon poop.
  • Transmission of Parasites & Diseases
    • Raccoon roundworm is contracted by ingesting raccoon feces, so we do not recommend you clean up the raccoon feces yourself to be on the safe side.
  • Landscape & Garden Damages

Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons are known for becoming aggressive when they feel threatened, and they carry dangerous diseases. It's best to leave the trapping and removal to the professionals at Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh. We can get rid of your raccoon problems—give us a call today!

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Are you hearing scurrying and thumping noises under your home or in your attic? Those noises could very well be a raccoon. Call Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh today for an effective raccoon removal and exclusion plan!
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