Woodchucks, more commonly known as groundhogs, are large ground squirrels that can be responsible for expensive damages to your Greater Pittsburgh area landscaping, crops, and other plants. Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh has extensive experience and knowledge that will help get rid of these unwanted rodents for good. Our Pittsburgh technicians are trained to keep them out for many seasons to come with trusted exclusion methods and habitat modifications. Call Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh today or contact us by using our online form

Groundhog Management Services

Large Groundhog in Pittsburgh YardGroundhogs can be responsible for unpleasant and unsightly damage to fields, lawns, and gardens, among other areas. Groundhogs are often known to burrow under porches or homes, which can compromise the integrity of the structure. Plant damage can be incredibly expensive for homeowners and especially farmers.

Getting Rid of Groundhogs

Keeping groundhog populations under control can be difficult for an untrained homeowner. Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh technicians will utilize live trapping, exclusion, and additional methods for groundhog control on your Monroeville, PA area property. Your technician will work with you to create a plan of prevention to keep the groundhog away from your home and crops for good.

Common safe groundhog control methods include:

  • Live traps, allowing for safe capture and relocation away from your Greater Pittsburgh home
  • Exclusion methods like repellents & more
  • Modifying the environment, through methods such as fencing & removing brush piles

Groundhog Prevention

Once your Murrysville area groundhog removal has been completed successfully, our team will move on to the next step—keeping groundhogs from coming back. Perhaps the groundhog has already caused some damage to your home or garden, too—you’ll want to make sure the large rodent doesn’t come back. Groundhogs under the house can dig burrows on your property that weaken the integrity of your home over time—so yes, groundhog damage can be expensive!

Groundhog Control in Greater Pittsburgh

Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh has experience in using the right groundhog traps, in the right place, and with the right bait, for maximum groundhog removal with minimal trial and error. We will get it done right the first time! Call Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh's groundhog removal team today to schedule professional woodchuck removal services and form groundhog exclusion plans to keep these big rodents out for good! You can also reach us through our contact form. 412.767.4067

Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh is proud to provide service to several areas in the Greater Pittsburgh area, including Upper St. Clair, Bethel Park, Monroeville, Bridgeville, Murrysville, Carnegie, Pleasant Hills, Mount Lebanon, Brentwood, and more.

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Groundhogs under your Pittsburgh area porch? We can help with groundhog removal and prevention. Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh will utilize groundhog trapping and control methods to get rid of the large rodents for good. Call Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh for effective woodchuck control and removal services!
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