Frightening to many Pittsburgh homeowners and business owners, snakes will usually only make their presence known when food sources and shelter are scarce in their natural environment. The majority of snakes in Pennsylvania are harmless and even helpful because their diet consists of small rodents and insects, but it is important to be aware of the poisonous snakes that exist in the area. Learn more about Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh's snake removal services below and contact us today to get rid of snakes!

Pittsburgh Snake Control

It's difficult to make any sort of overarching description of snakes, due to variations in size, color and patterns. Common snake colors include black, green, brown, red, yellow, and orange. Pennsylvania is home to 21 species of snakes, only three of which are venomous. Tip: Venomous snakes, like rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and copperheads, tend to have spade-shaped heads and elliptical pupils while nonvenomous snakes have rounded pupils and narrower heads.

Venomous Snakes in Greater Pittsburgh

What Poisonous Snakes Are There in Pittsburgh?

  • Eastern massasauga
    • Preferring to be left alone, eastern massasaugas are only aggressive if provoked. They are up to 30 inches in length and brown or tan color with a dark diamond pattern down the length.
  • Timber rattlesnake (pictured above)
    • Timber rattlesnakes are among the nation's most venomous snake but actually have a quite even-tempered disposition so attacks are not as common.
  • Eastern copperhead
    • As their name suggests, copperheads are a warm orange color. Similarly to the other two venomous species in Pittsburgh, copperheads are not known for being incredibly aggressive, but symptoms of a bite include pain, swelling, and extreme nausea, among others.

How To Get Rid of Snakes

Snakes can get into Pittsburgh houses through cracks in building foundations, tears in window and door screens, and even through holes that serve electrical conduits and plumbing. Ideal outdoor hunting spots for snakes include tall grasses in unkempt lawns, and stacks of firewood, brush, and junk piles offer the reptiles great shelter. Many methods of exclusion may be necessary to keep snakes away from your property and out of your Pittsburgh area home. Because snakes are so small, they are able to get into buildings through extremely small openings.

  • Seal any holes on the exterior of buildings large enough for snakes to get through.
  • Cut back tall grasses and weeds and keep wood piles far enough away from homes to eliminate hiding places.
  • Getting rid of prey species like rodents is beneficial not only in keeping snakes away, but also in keeping rodent populations controlled.

Even though certain species of snakes are not venomous, all snakes are problematic when they come too close for comfort. Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh's snake specialists can safely and humanely remove snakes from properties. Our professionals are trained, equipped, and ready to keep you and your family safe by getting rid of snakes. Call Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh today!

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