Get Them Out & Keep Them Out! 

Large Raccoon Perched on Tree Branch in Greater Pittsburgh YardCritter Control of Greater Pittsburgh provides unparalleled professional wildlife control services. We will effectively and humanely remove unwanted pests and nuisance animals from your home, property, or business. No matter how big or small the animal or situation may be, our professional technicians are prepared to handle it. 

Greater Pittsburgh Wildlife Control Services

We provide wildlife trapping, locating, repairs, and prevention, and many other services. We focus on pest removal from vents, mouse extermination, rodent exclusion, removing squirrels from your attic, dealing with raccoon removal, and much more.

Noises in the attic and droppings in and around your home may be sure signs that you have wildlife visitors. Call Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh today to get them out and keep them out! Visit our contact form to explain your animal problem more thoroughly to our professionals.

Full-Service Long-Term Wildlife Solutions

Once Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh removes your wildlife intruders, we will employ our professionally-tested methods that will keep them out for seasons to come. Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh is expertly trained to employ the necessary wildlife procedures to resolve your critter problems for good. After we have implemented said wildlife techniques, your Greater Pittsburgh home will be critter-free and your headache will be resolved. If a wildlife animal has found its way inside your home, call Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh's professionals to assist in wildlife removal today. 412.767.4067 or Contact Us online.


We provide service to Greater Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, including Murrysville, Gibsonia, Upper St. Clair, Fox Chapel, and more!